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JODY AND THE JERMS - Started Something


Started Something

Oxford United Kingdom

Credit - Howard White (ZDP Photography)

Jody and the Jerms — First off, fantastic band name, secondly — what a sound! The band's latest single, ‘Started Something,’ is a bluesy song that bleeds into rock, back into folk, and keeps true to its roots the whole way through. The riff that runs the length of the song is incredibly addictive. Piano keeps it rolling as the rest of the instrumental comes and goes, venturing off to add layer upon layer of amazing sounds. The vocal sits in the middle conducting it all. A maestro of the melody, the Vox steps in time, shift’s to the rhythmic medley and lays down some fantastic lines in the chorus. The result is a song that I can’t keep out of my head; I’ve listened to it 3 times already.

The feeling and energy of Jody and the Jerms is what takes them to that next level. With more songs on the way and an album in the works, I am truly excited to listen to what comes next. ‘Started Something’? Yes, they certainly have. I sure hope Jody and the Jerms keep it going for a long, long while.


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