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Dreams (Cover)

Conway, Washington, United States

Joe Sneva is back with a gorgeous rendition of "Dreams" by Cranberries. When an artist takes the risk of covering the work of another I always feel as though there is a larger expectation on the cover artist to either match the original or outdo it. Either way, this is a risky process.

Sneva's version of this "Dreams" (Originally by Cranberries) is one that is full of folk twangs and soft rock vibes that will slowly transition you from wherever you may be and into the open sea on a calm day. - TAMARA JENNA

There's a sense of homeliness, familiarity and calm within this composition, that offer listeners a true easily listen. The rawness of the piece merges those bright acoustic guitar strings with a steady drum and the calm, infectious lullaby of a vocal by Sneva.

Now, I can't leave this review without a comparison to the original. Now, the most obvious start would be vocal. The original was performed by a female and Sneva being a male. The original has a higher vocal register but Sneva's version has less of a heavy feel to it and embeds listeners with comfort over performance.

Secondly, Sneva's version has a slower tempo in comparison with the original which when combined with the velocity of the instruments, results in a calmer, less heavier version.

Hats off to Sneva for a job well done!

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