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JON HENRI - Gravity

Funk is at the roots of a lot of music. It adds some spice, some speed. It moves the track along, never letting anything stagnate in an idea that came before it. A brilliant example of such funky effects can be found in Jon Henri’s latest single, ‘Gravity.’ The track bounces with that round bass we all know and love plucked straight from the 80s and rushed into the modern day. The song picks up the beat, following the curves of the bass. The guitar flicks back and forth, and the vocal gears up to deliver lines that punch through the thick of it. When they do they bring with them: grit, fire and a whole lot of attitude.

‘Gravity’knows where the line is and it toes it. It keeps the song steady, riding the funk rock bend. The pace is set and the feeling is just right. Jon Henri has captured funk and rammed it into melodic bliss. Catchy in all the right places. Gravity was produced by Daniel Hickman and deserves a mention too!



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