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Joshua Martin Drops Hot New Dance Track 'Te Conoci Bailando'

‘Te Conoci Bailando’ is a dance track that pulls together European beat vibes and melds them into the mix. Joshua Martin has squeezed every drop of creativity out of his soul and poured it into this track. It rises and falls with the melody. The instrumental dives, becoming intricate and then splashes up for the chorus that grabs you with its catchy rhythms. The beat is warm, never muddled. You can always see where you are going and you are always excited to get there.

The fire in the gut of ‘Te Conoci Bailando’ is something you have to master, and Joshua Martin certainly has. Listening to the pace and writhing beats of the single feels like watching a bull race. It's vivid, dangerous but you can’t help but stare. You can’t look away. Something within you is drawn to it, drawn to the raw unfettered melody. The beat calls and you answer. And once you do there is no going back. Enthralling.



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