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Joyce Martens' 'This Night': A Pop Rock Anthem for the Ages

Joyce Martens, a late bloomer in the music scene, has released her latest single, "This Night," an anthem for those in long-lasting relationships. The song is a pop rock anthem with a groovy vibe that will make you want to dance along. The lyrics, though a bit melancholic, are relatable for anyone living a life full of responsibilities and feeling like they're losing their love amidst a never-ending list of tasks.

"This Night" was written on a night out with her partner, and Joyce aimed to capture the feeling of excitement and happiness in the song. The song conveys the message that everything should happen "just this night," as if tomorrow we have to return to the life we're settled in.

Joyce began making music during the Covid-19 pandemic, having never played any music before. She found a way to express herself through music and wrote her first song shortly after. Three singles from her current EP have been released earlier this year, and together with "This Night" and the final track of the EP, "A Little Time," they form a palette of sensitive and honest stories about love and life, providing a glimpse into the writer's mind.

Joyce's music is influenced by pop rock bands but also by folk, singer-songwriter, and acoustic music styles. She writes indie pop songs with a touch of folk and is known for her lyrics that are relatable, raw, and honest, speaking directly to the soul.

In her forties, Joyce encourages everyone to discover a true passion, as she did. She believes that the best things in life can take some time, but they are worth the wait. "Because that’s what life is all about. Being grateful we are here on earth and enjoying it in every way. By sharing the things we create we give a little bit back. We all need a little fire, happiness, music and love to keep standing in what life has ahead of us," she says.

"This Night" is a testament to Joyce Martens' talent and passion for music. It's a song that resonates with listeners, reminding them of the importance of cherishing the present moment and the people they love. It's a song that, just like its creator, is full of life, love, and a touch of melancholy.



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