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Giessen, Germany

‘Lamento’ is the latest single from the classical and cinematic composer, Juliano. The melody branches from the roots of strings and bells. They ring out over grey, torn landscapes. The song swells into the rain and then falls, piece by piece, back down to us, layering as it goes. ‘Lamento’ never gets too big, it sits in the middle, it feels grand and imposing like it's asking for something and you must oblige, but it remains personal. This is not a song about countries or planets, or even people. It is about you, or those very close to you.

Writing reviews for classical or cinematic music is always based on the metaphysical. The sounds and composition presented by Juliano here are outstanding. The instruments ring true, there are no slip-ups, and the song reads well and feels whole. So what does it mean? To me, it will mean one thing, to you another. To another, another - and so on. That, for me, is what makes incredible music. ‘Lamento’ will always carry that feeling, of sorrow, of forgiveness. A Phoenix, rising from its ashes, just or unjust. That imagery, however, will hold different weights for everyone. For me it feels empowering, it shows me what has gone wrong, and also what I can do to build on it, grow, to make things better. I hope that’s what it means for you too, but the only way to know is to turn away from the world and into the song for 5 minutes. You won’t regret it, and I know you’ll learn something from this otherworldly composition. Epic.


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