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KAHNIN - Go Kart

Credit - Drey

Classic rock bops and a country twang. Vocals that spell the end of the world, or simply list off great things to do on vacation. All this and more in Kahnin’s latest single, ‘Go Kart.’ It starts off smooth. Those country guitars, acoustic and sparkling, strum off in the distance. The beat falls in and the rock comes to the front. It's beefier than country but with all of the charm. The vocal slides in and that’s when things get wild. Deep, wholesome and hearty, they spin a tale that you can make of what you will. For me, it was a journey through old times, and through childhood. Taking that imagination and using it now, why grow up? Just ride a ‘Go Kart.’

Kahnin is a master of music. The sound that pours out of ‘Go Kart’ is solid and the lyrics make it near and dear to my heart. The weirder, the more wonderful. And let me tell you, this single is truly wonderful.



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