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It's Okay

Melbourne, Australia

A journey of self-discovery, healing and mindfulness, Karen Harding gives us a calming new track titled ‘It’s Okay’ through her minimalistic craft of the soundscape.

Her choice of minimalistic music choices ensures that there is a greater emphasis on the powerful lyrics. The relaxing guitar riffs echo spiritual imagery and complement the soothing vocals nicely. This level of detail in the acoustics ensures a powerful dimension to the soundscape, especially through her choice of a minimalistic style which I felt was a perfect choice for this message.

The song focuses on the individual, dissecting the different elements of self-doubt and self-assurance to ground the listener and offer a positive take on how to deal with external pressures. ‘It’s Okay’ illuminates the mental barriers many of us create, and helps us replace it with a fresh and healthier take on mindset.

Karen’s vocals are a central element in crafting a spellbinding track, her continual high registers and wispy tones create angelic sounds and further soothe the listener. Karen has a true gift for dissecting deep and powerful messages and ensuring the listener is entirely relaxed whilst listening to her music.


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