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KATASHA J proves that she is a future R&B Legend in #ACupOfSerenade



A Cup Of Serenade

Toronto, Canada

Credit - Mike Cuba

Katasha J is an emerging R&B singer/songwriter and pianist from Toronto's West End. Having been singing since the age of five years old, #KatashaJ reminisces on her early years as moments being surrounded by music which has led to taking cues from some of her favorite legends such as Stevie Wonder and Mariah Carey. Her newest release "A Cup of Serenade" is an album that consists of eight songs that have been over two years in the making. Making comment on this journey #KatashaJ states that "It took a long way to get to the finished product with miscommunications and scheduling conflicts. I'm very proud of this project and I hope everyone enjoys!"

Opening with #ComingBack, #KatashaJ instantly impresses with a subtle introduction that is understated but exquisitely powerful. A simple bell synth melody carries listeners into a traditional R&B performance. The track develops into a heavy kick-based rhythm that takes control of the basics whilst #KatashaJ sings silky vocals in a dreamy Ashanti meets Doja Cat performance. A great opening piece. #UKnowMe brings some extra sassiness to the foundations that were built in #ComingBack. This is done through the addition of jazz instrumentation where brass begins to lift the energy of this artists' production further. #Vinyl is a piece that takes listeners back into the #Jojo era. Here listeners are guaranteed to be washed along the tide with the guitar skills, angelic vocals and reflective lyrical content. This is a production that is guaranteed to excite R&B lovers - This is a whole frequency in its own right. Marking the midpoint of the album #MrJones marks the first collaborative track on the album. Here we hear #AllistonDavis add to the energy of #KatashaJ in a very #ArianaGrande production. In this piece it is very difficult to separate #KatashaJ from the superstar leaving me to question, have I found a future legend here? I think so. #IfItGoesWell showcases an #Aaliyah vibe with a modern twist. This track teases listeners within the form of a taster piece that lasts just under a minute before introducing the audience to #Reminisce. This is an interesting piece that introduces listeners to vocal chops, in a slightly more alternative side to R&B through the inclusion of a horn synth melody. Claps and traditional R&B percussion aid a precise and effective vocal performance. #TenderTouch welcomes listeners to the most funky and soulful piece on the album through a very #Genuwine inspired production. One thing that I love here is the way that femineity and power pours out of the track with no holding back. The piece offers some slick electrifying guitar solos that quite frankly offer up a whole world of sexiness. Concluding the album is another collaborative piece. #Serenade sees #KatashaJ and #DominiqueHammons create a sweet piece that is very stripped back, raw and emotional. Again, very #ArianaGrande.

#KatashaJ has proven herself to be a true star in her own right. This album has no flaws in my mind - no room for improvement - no further suggestions just pure talent that has been effectively mastered by herself and her team. I would be extremely shocked if #KatashaJ does not become a household name in the near future. - TAMARA JENNA - TJPL NEWS



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