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Wise Man

Swindon, United Kingdom

‘Wise Man’ follows a melody through conception to resolution in a supple and emotional bubble of musicality. KAYBLE has captured the tones and textures of his voice with such clarity that they form a wordless ultimatum: feel it, or move on — and nobody moves on. The feelings and flashes of imagery are stunning, the emotion hits you like an arrow and you fall into the smooth ribbons of texture that KAYBLE displays for us. It’s alternative pop with masses of new rock influence, you get some MUSE you get some Royal Blood, but what you get most of all, is KAYBLE. ‘Wise Man’ boasts a sound that is unlike anything else in its depth and clarity. It’s like swimming in a deep green sea, looking down into the depths and seeing yourself standing on the seabed, miles and miles below.

Take a crack at ‘Wise Man.’ You will come out the other side a wiser, more profound human being.



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