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My Superstitions

Boston, United States

Who's ready for some disco funk with a soulful twist? Boston-based Kelsey Blackston is here to give you that full dose of magic. Her latest release entitled 'My Superstitions' has been out for around two weeks now, refusing to lose its sparkle and making moves across oceans.

When talking about the path of her lyrics Blackston stated the following - "My Superstitions is an energetic & playful take on the feeling of letting someone new into your heart."

As Blackston sings her opening vocals acapella listeners are shortly surprised by a funky bassline that sets the whole mood of the piece. As the song progresses listeners get given a mix of big-band brass instrumentation and high-tempo percussion. The brass solos add a deepness to the piece where the vocals take a break.

The lyrics are highly superstitious with talks of Black Cats and destiny marking the bad luck that is associated with love! This is one hell of a saucy piece that will get you hitting repeat before you reach halfway through your first listen.

I can't wait to hear more from Kelsey Blackston, her creativity has the ability to merge popular influences with out-of-the-box additions making her music something that listeners will return to again and again. - TAMARA JENNA


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