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Fruit Basket

Washington, DC, United States

Kelsie Kimberlin is sowing good vibes across the globe with her latest single, ‘Fruit Basket’. It is an upbeat, Latin-style pop song that pushes your mood to 11. It's happy, it's celebratory and it's an all-around good time. The instrumental brings focus to the melody that grabs you hard and fast but the percussion is the focus, hitting the beat and riling up the sound. It's massive and complete already, then the vocals step in. They fill out the mids and weave a message in between the beat that sings of good vibes, positivity and taking in the world in a new light. Kelsie Kimberlin is bound to leave you in a good mood, no one can avoid tapping their feet to the classic sounds of ‘Fruit Basket’.

When the song opens you are thrown all the way over to Europe in a flash. Guitars scale in 3s and the harmonies glow in the Latin sun. - FREDDIE MCKEE

A frill on the guitar makes your hairs stand on end, the vocals rise up, full and musical. They ebb and flow with the beat. Up and down, it's cyclical and hypnotising. By the time the song has done the round once, chances are you’re on the dance floor already. It breaks up the beat with quiet sections and a rap cameo that completes ‘Fruit Basket’ and its message. Live well, live happily, and look to the sun!


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