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Kelsie Kimberlin's 'Turn Back': A Poignant Pop Single Echoing the Heartbeat of Humanity

The latest single from Kelsie Kimberlin is a heartfelt and harmonic pop single. I say pop, but don’t think it’s fast and jovial. ‘Turn Back’ is a song about those sacrificing everything, putting their lives on their line for a just cause, and the wishes of their loved ones who want them to come home. It’s a powerful subject and one that could have been done callously, with rough edges and sad song tropes. Here, in ‘Turn Back,’ Kelsie Kimberlin has managed to sidestep those tropes, giving us an honest and new musical understanding of the familial strife that runs through the veins of tragedy.

Kelsie Kimberlin's 'Turn Back': A Harmonious Tribute to Sacrifice and Hope

The song grows in a choir kind of way. Layering and layering hums and vocals and synth-strings. They fall upon us at the beginning like lapping waves. The vocals are not far behind. From the start they are many. The many voices of those calling out for love. They sing to us as one, harmonised and pure, keeping the melody close to their chest, a substitute for those lost. The beat flicks in low and slow. It’s more there to add gravity to the lyrics and keep the motion of the song flowing from verse to chorus. The light shimmers as the bass line sneaks past us for the first drop into a chorus and we are blown away by the depth of it. The vocals swerve, hang on, and keep true. The song continues.

‘Turn Back’ is a single that sits with you after you’re done listening to it. It plays again in your mind, you mull over the lyrics, think on the harmonies and remember the melodies. Each aspect of this track hooks into the vocals. Their strong harmony and multi-layered sound brings a heft of humanity into the song. It works in a wonderful way, a beating heart amidst the coals. A fine and touching single whose message will live on.

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