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What We Had

Washington, DC

Credit - Brett Kimberlin

Kelsie Kimberlin is an American singer-songwriter and her single ‘What We Had’ is truly amazing! I absolutely adore the lyrics within this song!

The creative descriptiveness paints a clear picture for us listeners, allowing us to truly get to know the artist and the story she shares. - KIRA HUGHES

The structure of the lyrics flow perfectly, with each lyrical line individually standing out from the next but when joined together completes this wonderful story-telling, musical piece. The lyrics feel incredibly real and raw, with deep and heartbreaking lines that are relatable for anyone who has experienced a relationship or friendship breakdown. The intro is familiar as it approaches with gentle yet intense strikes of the piano keys as the vocals grace us with a delicate tone and with a vocal expression that is ever so pure, passionate, pretty and irresistible to the ears! The guitar riff comes in softly sincere echoing in the background before the chorus where the guitar strums with an elegant sway and an added comforting beat. I personally love Hillary Duff’s Pop music and I am truly hearing some phenomenal similarities here... vocally, musically and lyrically! I can not wait to hear more from this extremely talented lady!

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