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Lying Eyes

Melbourne, Australia

‘Lying Eyes’ is the latest single from the soon-to-be chart-topping producer, Keyes. It's a modern pop song that harkens to the 00s and brings them back to the forefront with a flare for techno-pop thrumming in the back. A blend that was bound to work in creative hands and Keyes, evidently, has such hands. The vocals stride through the melody as it rises and falls around them. The bass sits and moves at intervals wholly new in the space which is refreshing, allowing you to be taken down another spiralling route of harmony and beat wave at every corner. ‘Lying Eyes’ feels like the work of a producer who’s got a waiting list longer than the Vagas Strip. The tuning, control and creativity spark inspiration and get you moving. It's what greats do, remember the name, Keyes!

It sounds overblown, but I hear the same quality and undertones in Keyes’ work that I do in the early works of the big names now. ‘Lying Eyes’ showcases a standout talent for taking an idea to each corner of its extremes and stopping just short, in order to leave you wanting more.

Get on the Keyes train early, I insist. Because if you’re on this non-stop pop locomotive, Keyes will take you to the moon and back. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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