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Keyside's "Angeline": A Melodic Anthem That Captures the Spirit of Liverpool

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Keyside in Liverpool
Keyside in Liverpool
Liverpool's rising indie pop/rock quartet Keyside unveils "Angeline," a poignant tale of adversity and tenacity, underscored by irresistible guitar melodies and catchy hooks.

A New Anthem for a New Generation

Emerging from the fervent music scene of Liverpool, Keyside has unveiled their newest hit, "Angeline," capturing hearts and ears alike. Featuring unforgettable guitar melodies, rhythmic bass, and hooks that pull you in, the song crescendos with a chorus that soars to celestial heights. But "Angeline" is more than just a catchy track; it’s also emotionally potent, spotlighting the tale of a woman balancing the demands of family and her own personal trials. It's a must-listen for fans who appreciate indie pop/rock infused with relatable storytelling.

The Liverpool Connection

Liverpool has long been a breeding ground for musical icons, and Keyside seems poised to join that illustrious lineage. Recently inked with Modern Sky UK, they stand as a key player in Liverpool’s emerging musical narrative. Drawing from the well of iconic bands such as The La's, The Smiths, and The Police, Keyside infuses their own distinct Liverpool essence into their music. The result is a sound both nostalgic and fresh, striking chords with audiences of all ages. As this Northern band continues to evolve, we're on the edge of our seats, keen to see where their journey takes them.

 Cover art for Keyside's single "Angeline," capturing its melodic and narrative essence.
Cover art for Keyside's single "Angeline"

The Story Behind "Angeline"

The depth of "Angeline" lies in its narrative substance. It portrays a woman weighed down by the responsibilities of family and her own internal struggles. While the musical arrangement is designed to lift spirits, the lyrical content doesn't shy away from heavier themes, making for a poignant contrast that elevates the song beyond mere entertainment.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Keyside's sound is nothing short of magnetic, filled with earworm hooks and resonant melodies. They’ve already garnered airplay from major radio stations such as BBC Introducing Merseyside, Radio X, and BBC Radio London. Not just a studio act, they’ve made their presence felt on live stages from the Isle of Wight to Eurovision’s Main Stage. With the quartet resonating in perfect harmony, Keyside promises to be a rejuvenating force in the indie pop/rock landscape. Expect big things from this dynamo; their rise suggests we’re witnessing the early stages of a breakthrough.

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