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KIMMERLY's Latest Release 'The April Fool - Demo 2021' Morphs Sound into Colour

KIMMERLY is here to show us all how it’s done in the indie world. Her latest release, ‘The April Fool - Demo 2021,’ is spinning with bright ideas and brilliant melodies. The song builds and climbs and twists and turns, but it never loses its edge.

Guitar strums out, slow and acoustic. It sits in the air a while. Vocals join it, spurred on by the classic guitar vibe. Together they sing, they draw you in, they keep you there, close to the chest, close to the clouds. You peek through the fluffy layer to find percussion to find the oomph. And oh my, do you get oomph. The beat drops in, the drums rattle your bones, somehow the guitar and vocal rise above it all, their melody is ingrained in you now, a part of you. You take it with you as the song climbs towards the heavens.

‘The April Fool’ is a fantastic track that morphs sound into colour and all the way back again. KIMMERLY is a sound-weaving magician.



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