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Kmalectro Accelerates Into the Future with Synth-Driven 'Digital Highway'

Embark on a Sonic Odyssey with 'Digital Highway', a Synth Anthem for the Modern Age by Kmalectro
"Dynamic cover art for Kmalectro's 'Digital Highway', visualizing a neon-lit journey through a synth soundscape.
Dynamic cover art for Kmalectro's 'Digital Highway', visualizing a neon-lit journey through a synth soundscape.

Kmalectro’s latest single, ‘Digital Highway,’ is a tangy and sweet dive into the deep flavours of the modern synth genre. It takes us on a racing ride between buildings that reach up out of vision, chrome pillars of industry. The bass becomes the rabble of the people, humming and milling about their forgotten lives. The melody, however, is bright and becoming. It takes the din of the near future world we imagine and picks out the good bits. The laughter in the form of bright taps in percussion, the sights and struggles of a good human soul in the smooth string synth, and the brilliance of resilience in the harmonies.

The single is short for an EDM-based synth track, but I like it that way. ‘Digital Highway’ gets in, does the job, lays the visuals, and gets out. There’s nothing wasted, nothing left for the carrion feeders. And that in and of itself leads us towards that near future, where everything is reused, nothing is wasted, and we become an extremely clean-cut renewable society (so we hope). Kmalectro’s image of this future is a bright one but it doesn’t take for granted that it will be easy. The song flows into a chorus that has a strong kick, a powerful beat like a march, the propellant of a rebellion. The harmonies shift and ooze into discordant synth tones, there’s something dark adorning each and every angle of the track.

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Kmalectro Promo Shot
Kmalectro Promo Shot

Synth music loves to create a world around itself and Kmalectro is exceedingly good at bending that world towards their vision. ‘Digital Highway’ is a track that takes you on that journey, it takes you to that visualised world. Being on that highway gives us only the context of what is passing us: people, buildings, worlds, time. We don’t know where we came from or where we will end up … we never get there, and never will. Synth turned poetry without dropping the hook. Sharp.

Genre: Synthwave, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Electronica

Mood: Energetic, Futuristic, Bright, Resilient, Vivid, Poignant

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