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KURT GOTT - Christine

‘Christine’ is a loving song. One full of heart and soul, so much so that it lends some to you as you listen and you feel yourself grow from it, expand spiritually. For this wonderful sensation, we have only to thank Kurt Gott, whose songwriting style and country-esque tones work wonders on this track. The single is smooth, heartfelt and honest. The lyrics are full of sorrow, but also of good tidings and high feelings. The beat swings you back and forth on your chair as you watch the cascading melody flow down from the heavenly steps above, all to the masterful rhythms of Kurt Gott.

Country, folk, and Americana pop. ‘Christine’ takes a little from each of these genres, and melds them into something whole and solid. A song about love will always have the power to pull you in, but Kurt Gott just got it so right here that it pulled me in and I stayed there a while. Listening to the song 3 or 4 times over before I felt I really got it, and in a way, it got me. That’s good music. That’s ‘Christine’ by Kurt Gott.



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