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'Kyhell' – Blind Man’s Daughter's Prog-Rock Masterpiece with Captivating Guitar Work and Vocals

Blind Man’s Daughter’s latest single, ‘Kyhell,’ showcases the band's sound with fantastic form and beautifully constructed melodies. ‘Kyhell’ is prog rock in the modern day. It’s indie at its core, but the core is expanding and evolving so fast, it’s a neutron star just waiting to collapse. The guitar work on this single is phenomenal. Layer upon layer of tonal shifts, cutting sounds, smashing melodic breaks and a true metal tone. Pair this with some deep bass, a percussion section that keeps up with the speed of the guitar and adds a tremendous amount of depth and you have what Blind Man’s Daughter is best at: a constantly shifting melodic rock epic.

When the vocals fell into play I was not expecting it. I had set into the groove, I was in the world of guitar and bass, I was prepared for an instrumental. They light up the sound like nothing else could have. As soon as the vocals appeared I realised what I had been missing. Not only are they the centre point of the single, they are the conductor. The track builds on the in-breath and falls on the out, the chorus stops with the crack of a lyric and the bridge eggs them on. It’s a wonderful dance of melody and a wonderful harmonic partnership. ‘Kyhell’ is brilliant in every regard and is beautiful from every angle. A font of imagination and skill.



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