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Be Prepared For A Cosmic Journey Through Dream Pop and Cloud Rap in La Biche's 'Éther'

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

La Biche - Éther - Cover Art
La Biche - Éther - Cover Art
Plunging into the Ethereal Realm of La Biche: 'Éther' & Beyond

La Biche, is a visionary artist with a profound blend of dream pop and cloud rap influence. She has just unveiled her latest creation, 'Éther', a single that entrances its audience into an atmospheric journey of passion and dizziness. Listening to the song, you may find yourself completely captivated by the French Vocals, even if, like me, you can't speak French. We all know that French is known as the language of love. Testament to this assumption, La Biche's vocals will take listeners on a journey, from Geneva's artistic lanes to Paris's vibrant stages as she infuses her music with a unique chill French pop essence.

Following her acclaimed track 'Combien', La Biche takes her artistry a notch higher with the release of 'Éther'. Its likeability rests in its emotion, creating an ethereal state where reality blurs and dreams take flight. It's a production marked by minimalist, yet warm and rich sounds, coupled with an addictively hypnotic beat. La Biche's masterful fusion creates a sensation of weightlessness here.

Music flows in La Biche's veins, a gift inherited from her father, a passionate pianist. Her artistic journey is as rhythmic as her music—dancing from Geneva to Paris, evolving from ballet to the powerful spoken word. Now, with the release of her music she invites listeners into her world—a world where passion and vertigo coexist.

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La Biche's artistic silhouette against a Dark backdrop
La Biche's artistic silhouette against a Dark backdrop

La Biche's music is an eclectic mix of poetry, experimental pop, and chill rhythms. Her nonchalant voice graces each track, creating a new wave in French music. Her latest single, 'Combien', is a testament to her ability to blend genres and emotions seamlessly, offering a unique listening experience that delves deep into the heart of love and vertigo.

'Combien' is a journey through the complexities of relationships. Its intrinsic duality reflects the difficulty of parting ways, marking it as a track as accessible as it is profound.

La Biche's music dives fearlessly into a world where each note, each word, tells a story of love, loss, and the inevitable vertigo of life. Her tracks, particularly 'Éther' and 'Combien', stand as testaments to her artistic prowess, inviting us on a journey that's as much about self-discovery as it is about music.

Genre: Alternative Pop, Dark-Pop, Trip-Hop, Electronic Pop

Mood: Mesmerizing, Passionate, Innovative, Ethereal, Sensual, Poetic

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