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Seattle's La Need Machine Delivers a Poignant Message with 'These Old Jeans

Rising indie sensation, La Need Machine, follows up their hit single with 'These Old Jeans,' a reflective anthem on wisdom and humility from Seattle's vibrant music scene.

La Need Machine, Seattle's burgeoning indie rock band, captures the essence of personal growth and understanding in their latest single, "These Old Jeans." Following the success of "I Wish I Could Fly," this new track continues to showcase the band's knack for blending Americana, folk rock, and melodic pop rock into a sound that resonates with fans across the US and beyond.

"These Old Jeans" holds the narrative of acquiring wisdom and the humility it brings, leading to peace and understanding. It tells the story of someone reflecting on their life, realizing that wisdom leads to acknowledging the validity of others' opinions and fostering genuine connections. La Need Machine's lyrical prowess shines through, painting a vivid picture of life's journey towards enlightenment.

With an unmistakable Americana twang and its emotional blending of male-female vocals, "These Old Jeans" offers a sense of solidarity and togetherness. It's a nice touch from La Need Machine. Best suited for lovers of soft rock and Americana, "These Old Jeans" will make a great addition to your reflective moments and long travels.

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La Need Machine continues to rise, leveraging their partnership with Worldsound/Virgin Music Group/Universal to reach wider audiences. Their music, characterized by its depth and relatability, positions them as one of Seattle's indie bands to watch. "These Old Jeans" not only adds to their growing discography but also cements their place in the hearts of listeners looking for music with substance and soul.

With "These Old Jeans," La Need Machine invites listeners to embark on a journey of introspection, offering a soundtrack for those moments of reflection on life's path and the wisdom gained along the way. Go for it, give it a spin. I know you want to! You can find the link below.

Genres: Americana, Indie (Melodic Pop Rock), Rock Pop, Soft Rock

Mood: Nostalgic, Reflective, Uplifting, Thought-provoking

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