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Lacobo-Jomes Unveils "Blood on the Blade": A Piercing Look at Modern Malaise

East Yorkshire's indie artist Lacobo-Jomes releases "Blood on the Blade," a poignant opener to his forthcoming EP 'Sounds of Emotion,' delving into societal issues that plague today's youth.

In the world of homegrown indie music, certain artists manage to capture the complex spectrum of human emotions within a few minutes of melody and lyrics. Lacobo-Jomes, an independent artist from East Yorkshire, has achieved just that with his new single "Blood on the Blade." This track serves as a foretaste of what to expect from his upcoming EP, 'Sounds of Emotion,' scheduled for release on November 3, 2023.

After honing his skills with Nottingham band C.F. Kane and other collaborations, Lacobo-Jomes set out on his solo journey. His passion for music dates back to his teenage years when a tape recorder and pop tunes were his daily companions. Today, he writes, records, and produces his own songs, with his latest work mixed and mastered by Nick Dawes at La Source Studios in France.

Lacobo-Jomes, focused in his home

"Blood on the Blade" is more than just a song; it's a reflection on the violence and vulnerability prevalent among today's youth. Lacobo-Jomes stresses that once a song is out in the world, its meaning evolves, shaped by the listeners' personal experiences and interpretations. However, he also admits that this track originated from a place of "sadness, anger, and despair," inspired by the heart-wrenching news of knife crimes and youth manipulation.

But it's not all bleak. The song injects a glimmer of hope and a chance for redemption. As the artist himself puts it, " will find a way to atone for you." In this sense, "Blood on the Blade" achieves the difficult task of being both a mirror to society's issues and a beacon of potential change.

Mood: Thoughtful, Urgent

Genre: Indie

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