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New Orleans, United States

Claire Bigley’s ‘Embodiment’ is a very dreamy and moving composition, her artistic choices leave all listeners feeling content and soothed as soon as those sweet harmonies are heard. This is the perfect music for those who have a strong liking for solo piano compositions and wholesome background music alongside work or study.

I imagine this being a great piece to help people feel at ease after a long or stressful day, as the clear and fulfilling melody line captures all attention leaving one entranced in the vivid imagery it provides. - AIMEE STOKES

I thoroughly enjoyed Claire’s use of dynamics, making the melody flow in a way to make the sound fade in and out, adding to the dreamy symbolism of the piece. Her style of simplistic melodies is similar to Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi’s piece ‘Temple White’ as he too uses simple chord patterns in this piece to create a highly moving performance. Claire could make her beautiful melodies sing even more with some fuller chords in some sections, to really emphasise the tone and harmonies of the piece. I thoroughly enjoyed this composition and will continue to listen when in need of winding down after a long day.



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