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Bungalow Song

Brooklyn, United States

Credit - Jordan Lindley

Elijah Mann’s new single ‘Bungalow Song’ incorporates themes of new beginnings and escapism through indie and ballad styles. The musicality takes a stripped back approach, focusing on nifty guitar work to help complement this more sincere message of the song.

Elijah radiates an incredibly raw message concerning the temptation to run away from our problems in the modern world and escape to our own idealised version of a safe haven, and in this case retreating to a bungalow. - AIMEE STOKES

Although this idea of retreatism is quite specific, it allows the listener to really understand their own version of escapism though the symbolism of the bungalow. Additionally, Elijah’s soft and mellow vocals really carry this deep message, the melancholic undertone really draws the listener back to this more existential underlying theme of the song. The chorus has slight tinges of country through the slight variation in melody and guitar plucking which I felt was a nice contrast to the musicality displayed in the verses. This focus solely on guitar work acted as a nice accompaniment these warm vocals, complementing the lyrics well and ensuring they are at the forefront of the song.


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