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Updated: Oct 20, 2022


Some Kind Of Mother

Spokane, WA, United States

Credit - Rick Chapman,
"For so many of us, just walking out the door can be a badass accomplishment." - I'VE TRIED SLEEPING

This is a direct quote from Spokane, WA, United States-based band, I've Tried Sleeping. You may be wondering why I picked up on this and chose to include it as the opening sentence, well, it's simple... I have felt this way before and have experienced this feeling firsthand. The latest release from the band is a track called "Some Kind Of Mother", a song that acts as a salute to anyone battling depression and mental health issues.

The instrumentation itself is upbeat, funky and gritty providing a mixed backdrop to the lyrics that embed themselves around the music. The lyrics talk of demons, coming out the other side and the sunshine, offering an insight into some of life's many dark moments. The gritty vocal performance adds to the overall lyrical concepts of darkness and demons to provide listeners with an insight into the disabling feeling of paralysis that so many people experience during periods of depression and although the words do not fail, there's adequate space for the instrumentation to voice itself.

As we move into winter, this song offers solace, reassurance and a source of hope through even the coldest of weather. If you want to hear something that is real, based on true depth and some awesome playing skills then you know what to do! The button is just below.


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