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It Was All A Lie

Thornhill, Canada

Credit - Victor Yu

Leanna Oki’s ‘It was All A Lie’ depicts a powerful message concerning that post break up feeling, where we miss that person who made us feel fulfilled yet know we’re better off without them. In turn, the song uncovers a relatable problem surrounding a constant battle with your heart over your head. The song is introduced in the style of a slow ballad, really taking the listener through a journey of the highly emotional side of heartache and feeling as though your ‘heart can’t take the pain’. However, there is quite a pleasing shift in character when the chorus drops, and we are suddenly introduced to this intricate, upbeat track. I felt this really gave the song a lot more character and issued more power behind those real heartfelt lyrics. Similarly, there is another contrast in the bridge section where there was an addition of harmonious hymning behind the melody line which really contributed to the melancholic self-reflection of the song.

The shifting of styles in the music was cleverly representative of those spikes of loneliness and worry after a breakup, yet also the empowering aspects of having excitement for the future and knowing you’re free from toxic clutches. - AIMEE STOKES



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