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Your Silhouette

Haverhill, MA, United States

Credit - Patty Duffey Photography

From rock to alternative rock with the essence of indie vocals, ‘Your Silhouette’ dabbles into various styles of music to help capture the turbulent, yet sorrowful message of the song. That feeling of needing someone in your life, despite all the pain it may inflict on your own life, is so effortlessly portrayed through the sharp contrast between melancholic verses with a gentler bassline, to a captivating chorus which catches us off guard from the slower beginning. Despite incorporating numerous musical nuances, Maximilian is still able to convey the same level of pain throughout such differing sections, and it is this artistic choice which helps capture the essence of feeling as though ‘the shadow can take us today’. The vocal diversity really does justice to this, from soft and mournful then to a more explosive tone,

Maximilian makes listeners go through alternating emotions and through his strong vocal abilities, we can all feel the pain he’s conveying. - AIMEE STOKES

The artwork for the single works in unison with the track to deliver this message, showing two silhouettes with one being tainted by the other’s toxic clutches, effectively capturing the mental anguish Maximilian is trying to convey.



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