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Battle Wounds

Cork, Ireland

Credit - Rebecca Dermody

‘Battle wounds’ encompasses multiple different styles and gives us the ultimate chilled and feel-good vibe! I found the instrumental components to be the most enjoyable part of the track, the distinctive guitar plucking which remains in constant theme throughout is what gives it this relaxed and retro feel. This effectively adds to this laid-back atmosphere as the tune resembles quite beachy Hawaiian notes, therefore the soundscape is in many ways portraying quite vivid imagery.

You can almost picture yourself at the beach, enjoying the music, and it is quite interesting that this is achieved through quite simple musical components, really highlighting this power in simplicity. - AIMEE STOKES

This, with the nice accompaniment of those soft yet distinctive vocals, created a kind of monologue effect. Especially in the verse, the light musical elements really zoning in on bold guitar plucking draws attention to the lyrics and feels as though we are really getting inside the artist’s head and exploring their thoughts. The chorus picks up in tempo and really emphasises the catchiest part of the song, making ‘you can’t handle my battle wounds’ an irresistible line to sing along to.


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