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The Ghost In Spring

Aylesbury, United Kingdom

‘The Ghost in Spring’ is an exemplary heavy rock single from your new favourite heavy indie group, Shockpowder. Using fast guitar arpeggios and a bass line that wouldn’t quit even if you slapped it in the face, the song billows to life. The drums are, as I'm sure we would all agree, very important in heavy rock, whether that’s prog or metal or what have you. I can say with my hand on my heart that the drums and accompanying percussion knock it out of the park, into the next park - only to then ricochet off of a lone crash symbol - and knock it out of that park too. All of this before the lyrics stroll in, casual and conversational, breathing a sigh of relief before joining the band with a unique vocal style that I can’t get enough of. It’s smooth, and crisp but doesn’t lack the attitude that is needed when fronting a powerful band like Shockpowder.

The song shifts, changes and pulls you in at so many separate moments that 5 minutes go through you in 20 seconds flat. My earworm from this song is definitely that harp-like guitar riff that shows its rock teeth at various points throughout the track. ‘The Ghost in Spring’ is an example of what indie-metal can be. Exciting, personal, riveting and most importantly - head-bangingly awesome.


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