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Last Child

Sydney, Australia

Credit - Ellie Meads

‘Last Child’ by Taylor B-W is a meandering soundscape that is not just powerful, but full of sonic finesse. The vocals are proud and defined, they leap and bound across the song sewing melodies that pluck harmonics out of the ether all while staying grounded and full-bodied. The song is one of sadness but is presented in a way that makes you want to get up and do something about it, be powerful within yourself and not sit and mope. ‘Last Child’ is simply a fantastic song.

We can hear very clearly the mix of ballad and pop. The song opens with soft textures that sit below the surface with just the vocals peeking out. They build coming closer and closer to the brink, backing off just before the chorus to let the vocals cast their light. The second verse is where the song gets to work. The instrumental pulses, with piano textures sitting in the bass alongside synth arpeggio as the drums cut through the thick of it. The chorus is huge, the vocals don’t feel strained, they hit the heights they need to and deliver some wonderful harmonies. Just as the mass of sound could maybe be too much - it doesn’t back off - but gives us something acoustic to grab onto before a dark whispering breakdown. ‘Last Child’ doesn’t bow to anyone and Taylor B-W has pushed it to its limit. I cannot wait for more from this profoundly talented artist.



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