Spiders & Ghosts

London / Essex, United Kingdom

Credit - Daniel Stewart

The Amber Bugs are a group that you do not want to separate yourself from once you hear their story and their sound. On the 16th of September, the London/Essex-based band released their latest single "Spiders & Ghosts" In fact, judging by their Spotify profile, this is their first release of 2022 altogether.

"Spiders & Ghosts"is a piece that will definitely impress fans of Bright Eyes, Gaffa Tape Sandy and Pet Needs or similar sounds. When speaking of the release The Amber Bugs stated the following: "It's a deeply personal song about being there for someone you love and helping them face their demons whether they be Spiders, Ghosts, new Tory leaders or anything else that keeps them up at night." The piece holds one main purpose which is to act as solace and support to those of us who just don't feel ok hence the nightmarish title of the piece.

The piece can be summed up in one simple word... impactful. The opening is one full of white noise in the form of amp feedback along with the calming waves of the acoustic guitar plucks. As the piece develops we hear a more energetic side to The Amber Bugs through a Ska/Punk feel before slowing things right back down during the fadeout. I think that this piece has a great way of combining calming and chaotic elements within the piece! They're definitely a band to keep an eye on.