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Norwich, United Kingdom

Fresh out of the UK, #TheMagicEs release their impactful new single #Gone. The established Norwich-based band have a lot to celebrate from 2 critically acclaimed albums, 2 Eps, and 6 singles since forming in 2015 and now, their latest release has seen over 300 plays on UK radio stations including the likes of Amazing Radio and Pulse 98.4FM.

When discussing the creation of the piece, lead vocalist and guitarist, Pete Thompson stated the following:

“I wrote this song during lockdown following the passing of a couple of people who I was very close to once upon a time. The song is ultimately about wishing you were there to

support people during their most troubling times and knowing, once they’ve gone,

there was so much more you could have done if you weren’t wrapped up in your own


The track holds a unique opening one that feels quite cinematic as it grows into full space. The piece is carried by a subtle bassline and synths before going in with a full indie-rock hook. The vocals remind me of a twang between U2 and Oasis. The band’s musical influences include Bruce Springsteen, Oasis, The Waterboys, Foo Fighters, Stone Roses, The Killers, and The Rolling Stones.

This piece is definitely one that will excite lovers of soft and heavier indie rock alike. The meaning behind the piece is something that shines throughout as being a clear and distinct part of the piece. Make sure that you show some love by clicking the link below!



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