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Here We Go!

NYC, Asheville, and Myrtle Beach, United States

The Wavos are a tasteful talented trio! They are a modern-day Dance-Rock band with great influences from the iconic 80’s New-wave and Punk artists such as; Billy Idol, INXS, Devo, Ramones, Prince, B-52s, Talking Heads and New Order as well as using Alternative Rock from the 90’s and 00’s with sparks of Electro-Pop and Techno-Dance! Sounds funky, fun and fabulous right? Their latest release...

‘Here We Go!’ is a truly powerful song representing the ongoing growth and strength of women in the USA from the Me Too movement to the fight for reproductive rights among other things. - KIRA HUGHES

The song starts with a brilliant bouncy bassline instantly making you bounce and bop along to with the contagious vocal hook using the song title ‘Here We Go’ and a repetitive intro and chorus this instantly gets everyone included and singing along. The guitar riff is full of funk giving us a groovy tune as the drumbeat is laid back but setting the bouncy pace as the synth and keys add the high notes giving us that electro-pop vibe. This song is definitely one of them where you can “feel the music”, the funky beats flow through you making it irresistible to dance!



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