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Texas, United States

Credit - Annie Whitehead

Victoria Anne has a rather impressive vocal range and showcases this in her new single ‘Crushing’. The song uncovers quite an important message about how to deal with the troubles life throws at us, and discusses the importance of learning from these lessons and ensures the listener that these experiences will make you ‘come back stronger’. The musical aspect of the single is quite simplistic, incorporating small elements of synth and piano. However, I felt this more simplistic decision with the music coincided well with the raw message of the song. Additionally, Victoria’s impressive vocal abilities is what the focus should be centred around, as there is more emphasis on the sweet and angelic side to her vocals and then the more powerful and distinctive side in the chorus section. Victoria’s clever lyricism means there is a successful tying of the message of the song to the lyrics, as seen in one of my favourite lines ‘In the depths of the ocean can I find myself’, is quite symbolic of stripping back on many superficial worries we have in life and going back to our roots where we will inevitably find comfort.



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