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Life Will Do: Jamie Bosanko's Energetic Indie Anthem on the Futility of Chasing Modern Life

Indie singer/songwriter Jamie Bosanko has unleashed a whirlwind of energy and spirit in his latest release, "Life Will Do." This short and powerful track captures the essence of punk rock, while still embracing the melodic style that has become synonymous with Bosanko's songwriting.

Hailing from the bustling shipyard town of Barrow in Furness, nestled between the sea and the picturesque English Lake District, Jamie's music is a reflection of his diverse surroundings. His songs effortlessly weave between cynicism and compassion, showcasing his ability to express both acerbic wit and tender sentiment.

"Life Will Do" is a two-minute musical rollercoaster, packed with unbridled energy and a commentary on the futility of chasing after modern life. This no-frills anthem features roaring guitars, a driving bassline, and thunderous drums, all topped off with Jamie's passionate vocals, which soar at full volume.

The rawness and intensity of this track are testament to Bosanko's fearlessness as an artist, unafraid to explore different genres and styles. While "Life Will Do" sees him and his band embracing their punk rock roots, they never lose sight of the melodic foundation that has made Bosanko's songwriting stand out in the indie scene.

If you're searching for a vibrant and engaging anthem that delves into the complexities of modern life, look no further than "Life Will Do" by Jamie Bosanko. This high-octane track is sure to resonate with anyone who has felt the pressure and futility of trying to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of contemporary society. Let Jamie Bosanko's spirited voice remind you to take a step back and remember what truly matters in life.



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