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LJUG ALDRIG - Seashells (ft. Elliphant) - LATEST RELEASE


Seashells (ft. Elliphant)

Stockholm, Sweden

Credit - Absalon

The latest single from vocal heart melter Ljug Aldrig, ‘Seashells (ft. Elliphant)’ is a wondrous and expressive foray into the deeper parts of the soul. It's personal and close, and shines when both vocalists are playing off of one another in the chorus, really pushing that chillwave melody into your chest and making you feel it. ‘Seashells (ft. Elliphant)’ is inviting in its sound, it's warm and open, the backing is rich with synth pads, guitars, warm bass and clicks of harmonising acoustics. The harmonies that the acoustics hit with the backing are one thing, but the way the two vocals dance with one another is on a whole other level. So smooth it sounds like hot cocoa.

The single opens wide, a guitar-sounding tone that mimics an organ swells and chimes. The drone is cut short by the vocal which comes in to deliver a melody born of heartache. From the get-go, both vocalists are singing with their inner muse, they play in the silk song and come up for air only in gaps between phrases, there is far too much to say and they do it with pristine talent. Indie pop mixed with soul and a touch of folk in the vocals. It sounds like a good time and in practice, it is even better. Ljud Aldrig and Elliphant have outdone themselves, this is a single that any artist should be proud of.

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