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LOCKDOWN's 'Replicant': A Synth-Wave Masterpiece That Redefines the Genre

The cover art for 'Replicant' by LOCKDOWN
The cover art for 'Replicant' by LOCKDOWN

Dive into the Neon-Infused World of 'Replicant,' LOCKDOWN's Latest Single, Where Powerful Beats and Melodic Synths Create an Unforgettable Dystopian Soundscape.

LOCKDOWN are smashing through the scene with insane Neo-synth colours in their single, ‘Replicant.’ It’s an instrumental single that brings the heart of the synth-wave world to a thrumming beat. The pace is powerful, the melodies are huge; each aspect of the track shines with a glimmering brilliance, neon red against the endless black. At first, we’re met with only synths. They rise over the horizon, growing as they come, taking up the entire sky, undulating, crackling between dark clouds. They set the tone, power unnatural, then the beat kicks in. As with all fantastic synth instrumentals, the beat is where it goes to live or die. The beat is where the hit comes, the oomph. Once that kick settles in and starts to walk the dystopian plane, the synth in the sky takes on a new quality — there is even more power there than before.

‘Replicant’ is perhaps one of the best synth instrumental tracks that I have heard in a long time. And I think I know why. The majority of synth-wave tracks coming out today are so focused on the complexity that synth can achieve. The songs fly wildly out of proportion in one area, leaving the rest unattended and dull. Here, in ‘Replicant,’ LOCKDOWN have achieved a simplistic balance by focusing the powers of synth on melody. That is where I think the real power of synth-wave lies. The throw, the punch, the crack of a snare, all come together to produce one cohesive melody that gets you there, and it gets you there fast. LOCKDOWN’s ‘Replicant’ is a show of talent and musical prowess in a genre currently saturated with white noise and dull vistas. ‘Replicant’ brings us back to the root of why we love synth-wave so much. It’s dark, it’s punchy, and it’s brilliant.

Genre: Synth-Wave, Neo-Synth, Instrumental

Mood: Energetic, Powerful, Dark, Brilliant, Punchy

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