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You Should Fear Us

Market Harborough, United Kingdom

Credit - Bud Longtooth

Longtooth & Wasterman are indeed as cool as their name suggests. Their single, ‘You Should Fear Us’ is a balls-to-the-wall punk rock anthem and it deserves your attention. - FREDDIE MCKEE

The band have come out of the woodwork in stunning rock and roll fashion with a sound that is grinning madly and musically profound. Yes, it's a simple song, on the surface. As we dive deeper we find tidbits of musical talent scattered throughout the song, and whether Longtooth & Wasterman know they are there or not, they make the song stand up, shout and then dance in the chaos.

The song opens with a punk rock powerchord riff that is catchy off the bat. It rolls this way and that and keeps the drums in its wake. The bass lives to liven up the sound and goes off on its own tangents when the time is right, adding yet another layer of attitude. The vocals and accompanying melody are like Sex Pistols with a modern twist. They are more musical and live for both the music and the message, not one over the other. This approach has led to a song that is balanced, fun, witty and most of all downright rocking. Also, I bet it would be amazing live, if you ever get the chance to catch Longtooth & Wasterman on stage, take it. If ‘You Should Fear Us’ is anything to go by, then the band have a hell of a lot to offer.


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