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Vecinos Fachos

Sacramento, United States

Credit - Allan Reyes

Who's ready for something extraordinary? Los Sindes are an incredible rock trio consisting of Zito (Guitar), Manu (Drums) and, Rodri (Bass) who released their latest single 'Vecinos Fachos' on 12/10/22. The song was completed in 10 hours - INCREDIBLE!

So, let's get into this piece - 'Vacinos Fashos' is heavily rooted in Latin Rock and Post Punk offering listers a speedy drumming performance, shoegaze effects on the lead guitar and some seriously 'The Smiths' style energy. The way that each element provides something unique to this song is what makes it so special. The guitar composition makes use of the whammy bar to provide a hypnotic sound and when combined with the reverb effect/effects pedal we get to hear a sound that seems to fill a large width of the track with a shoegaze feel. The drums are persistent, firey and staccato offering listeners a very specific layer to the song. The bass carries the track in the background to merge the lead guitar and the drums. Now for the final piece of the puzzle, the vocals. These are very 80s punk/new-wave adding a bit of Latin flavour to the piece.

If you're a fan of experimental rock that doesn't fit the mould then don't miss 'Vecinos Fachos' by US band Los Sindes! - TAMARA JENNA


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