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LOUCAS BRETZ - Hotel Melody


Hotel Melody

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Jenia Vesnina, Jeff Mailfert

‘Hotel Melody’ from Loucas Bretz is a bluesy instrumental number that breathes life into you with infinite pressure. The song opens, dark, dank, the bass line glides overhead like a lumbering spaceship, its deep-rooted engines roaring with funk. The drums and guitar slide in to attack, fiery and upbeat, their sharp melodies pierce the bass line and they begin to dogfight. Up in the sky, lighting up the clouds in the night with tom rolls, slaps, guitar frills and dives. All to a splendid melody that enthrals them all. The beat climbs. The guitar does too. They reach a crescendo with the bass and the song comes alive. Soon subtle synth sounds join the fray. It's a cosmic light show, displayed in the blues.

Loucas Bretz is keeping things simple in his music. It's about the melody and the quality of the playing. In the case of ‘Hotel Melody,’ the playing is faultless, full of amazing phrases and splendid ideas, leading to a melody that will graft itself onto your psyche, never to be forgotten.



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