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Love Ghost and SKOLD Ignite the Rock Scene with their Darkly Passionate Collaboration, 'Payback'

‘Payback’ is a single from Love Ghost and SKOLD which will fire every cylinder of that indie rock V8 that has been lying dormant for oh so long. There is a dark passion behind the rhythm in this single, there is a skulking menace under the verse. You hear chirpings of it as the vocal dodges its blows. But it’s not enough, the full power of it all comes out in the chorus. The depth is beautiful, the melody is simple and addicting. As the chorus eases into the bridge the fire only spreads, now in the verse the power is present, the feelings innate, the lyrics cutting. There are indie rock songs, and then there are indie rock songs! This is the start of something massive.

Modern collaborations usually sum up to one artist having a line or a harmony in one of the sections. Not here. ‘Payback’ is quite obviously a collaboration from the ground up. From the bass line to the lyrics the feeling is there, that spark which only shines when creative individuals are in the right mind and are working hard. There’s a passion, a friendship, a musician's bond that you can hear, you just can’t place it. Love Ghost and SKOLD are up to devilish greatness, and I feel there are more sounds lurking in the rocking shadows. ‘Payback’ is a tolling bell of wonderful tone, reeling us closer for the main event. Hair-raisingly good.



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