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Love Ghost - Venganza Del Fantasma - EP REVIEW


Venganza Del Fantasma

Los Angeles, United States

LA's 'Love Ghost' has teamed up with Santa RM, Conejo, Vanity Vercetti and Lou Cornago for their latest EP ‘VENGANZA DEL FANTASMA’. 4 tracks, featuring 4 acclaimed Latin artists from across the globe, this is a project that really does have it all.

Love Ghost is composed of Finnegan Bell (lead vocals, lyricist, guitar), Daniel Alcala (guitar, engineer backing vocals), Cory Batchler (keys, bass, backing vocals) and Daniel Gallardo (drums, vocals).

We all know how much Latin music is popping all over the globe, these songs all feature lyrics in both Spanish and English, paving the way for even more unity! Not only have these artists produced something immaculate within this project but the stars who are Love Ghost have collaborated with the likes of Rico Nasty – impressive right?!

The opening track entitled ‘Ghost Town’ features Santa RM. Merging Western Cowboy and Futuristic Cyber Punk, this track addresses issues of mental health, loneliness and a battle of inner demons. The song was produced by Mike Summers (Kendrick Lamar, Little Wayne, Tech N9ne).

Emo rap meets emotional guitar, offkey whammy bar riffs and demonic whispers in the background, this track sets the scene for a heavy production. As the main vocals kick in, all guns are blazing and the mix of heavy metal guitar with trap percussion and a Latin vocal from Santa RM make this song one that I fuck with to the max! If you could put my music type in a box, it would be called ‘Ghost Town’. There is so much talent within this piece and I want more!

‘Inferno’ takes on the narrative of a psychopath or at least the elements of what defines one. In a mix of Grunge and Cholo rap, the song dives into the darkest corners of a troubled mind, unleashing a soul that is ready to haunt the hearing of the living. This track too was produced by Mike Summers and contains a video that is well worth the watch!

Featuring Chicano artist Conejo, this song mixes an offkey Western Country guitar sample with the clear tones of Spanish guitar, scatters of trap percussion, popping 808s and a combination of gritty rap vocals and a very Chester Bennington-style vocal performance which borders on metal and screamo. – An absolutely brilliant masterpiece!

‘AL13N’ offers something different in the form of HyperPop with a more light-heartedness under its belt. The song is one that will get you in the mood to celebrate your own differences and authenticity due to its fun and uplifting energy. Opening with a HyperPop meets twee melody, keys take to the forefront of this song. Gritty guitar, a very Bowling For Soup style vocal from the group. A stunning vocal from Spanish Emo vocalist Vanity Vercetti brings a whole Sexy Spanish Feminine voice to the song leaving women everywhere feeling inspired. This song promises another brilliant success! The song was produced by Love Ghost member ‘Little Trauma’ AKA Cory Batchler.

Concluding the project is ‘Pick Myself Apart’. Beneath this hauntingly disturbing release lies a love story. Ever wanted to step into the mind of a hopeless romantic? Maybe you are one and you want to know if your thoughts align with others? Look no further than ‘Pick Myself Apart’ because this song has it all. The lyrics aren’t for the unbroken, with lines such as “I would slit my throat just to be you” and “Watch my blood drip baby”. Although the lyrics appear dark, the song is calming and moving. Spanish Pop artist Lou Cornago joins in to give her perception in an angelic performance. Track 3/3 for Mike Summers who offers his production skills.

This is a project that doesn’t lack skill or effectiveness, it’s one that I and many will return to! So make sure that you check out ‘Love Ghost’ and the collaborators – you don’t want to miss this!

I can’t wait to hear more! – Ones2Watch, it’s destined.

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