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LUMP200 - I am the Elephant in the Room


I am the Elephant in the Room

Berlin, Germany

We love strange indie music here. It is the most adventurous of all music genres, and yes before you ask, I am prepared to die on this hill. Here; I present to you a song that takes all of the imagination of a soul and regurgitates it in sound. Synthetic, worldly, vocal and chaotic in its musicality, LUMP200’s latest single, ‘I am the Elephant in The Room,’ is a stylistic EDM/funk/instrumental/dark synth track. It takes inspiration from sounds around the world, from forests to marching bands. They live together in a colourful hyperspace, one where all sounds are merged together and come at you, hulking and confident. The wall of massive sound hits you all at once and you become part of its wondrous music.

LUMP200 is creating music you feel, music you live and breathe. It's a sound that cannot be found anywhere else and I am completely in love with it. It's interesting, vibrant and brilliantly produced. There are no seams in this neon-pastel world of ours, only dreams and whimsical showers. Mind-boggling.


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