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LUNA MELERO - Ultimatum



Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Anneka Lettunich

LUNA MELERO’s ‘Ultimatum’ is a juicy, upbeat and colourful R&B track that holds attitude and rhythm in high esteem. Take the beat, rile it up. With creative percussion and sounds that you have never heard before taking up the rhythm section, you know this is going to be a good time. Then the melody kicks in and the vocal appears from thin air. It's hard-hitting, full of flare, and hooks you with a fiery grip. The vocals are melodic as all heck, taking the beat and playing with it, spinning it between lyrical fingers. The chorus drops and you are lost in the sound. It's glowing, golden and sweet like nectar.

Dance, R&B, new wave pop — they are all bleeding into one another and you could argue that ‘Ultimatum’ from LUNA MELERO sits in any one of these genres. But you can’t argue, is that this is one hell of a track. It's loud, it's proud, and it knows where to hit you to get you dancing. I’ll say it again, juicy.



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