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Maclayne's 'Out of the City': A Strikingly Harmonious Blend of Indie Pop and Country,

Maclayne has a voice that will capture your hurt, find the emotions bottled up inside that ever-bright noggin of yours and release the pressure. There is an innate friendliness to the cadence, to the power, to the harmony of each and every line. If you want to experience this brilliance for yourself then look no further than her single, ‘out of the city.’It takes modern indie pop and blends it with a refined country spin. It’s a song about finding yourself and not feeling at home … at home. It’s a struggle for many who have pushed themselves far out of their comfort zones for the betterment of their lives, but miss that feeling, they miss belonging. Maclayne does that longing justice here with high notes, powerful lyrics and a melody that will stay with you for weeks. Sometimes all you need to see the light is a song to show you the way.

Once the brightness of ‘out of the city’ stops blinding you, your eyes have time to appreciate its glory. The hum of energy in the greenery below, the bass line climbing towards the beat as the mids ebb and flow to match the power of the vocal. The song plays like a symphony and hits like one too. Maclayne has struck an emotional harmony with this debut and I think it will resonate with the cores of many and the hearts of even more. Keep on building us up Maclayne, it is a pleasure to watch you do so with beautiful music and standout vocals. Stellar.


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Maclayne Simone
Maclayne Simone
Jul 03, 2023

Thank you x a million for your thoughtful review and kind words! :)

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