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Arlington, MA, United States

Credit - Dmitry Gushchin

The Mad Painter has bested another blank canvas with ‘Illusion’, their latest single. The song is wild, free and full of classic 70s rock trademarks that set it apart from the indie rock crowd. - FREDDIE MCKEE

Should the tiresome, solemn rock of the new age bore you, then ‘Illusion’ by Mad Painter is what you are looking for. Tie together the upbeat and funky side of ELO and wrap it around the vocals of The Starchild and I'm here to stay. Also, it sounds like Jon Lord snuck in to have a go at the organ and man is it rockin’.

The song opens strong, a chord rolls out of a guitar, the organ plays us the melody and the bass drum kicks us home with a 4/4 that won’t quit. It's warm and it feels like the 70s. When the vocals chime in and the bass line gets excitable is when the song really gets grooving. The vocals are strong, they take the lead and they march onward with the band into the chorus that feels like an old friend got a new haircut and slapped on a thrifted leather jacket. ‘Illusion’ is classic, yet new. It’ll make you smile to hear those old tones brought back to life once again. Mad Painter has done the genre justice, and you owe it to them to give this single a listen.


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