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Los Angeles, United States

Credit - @ShotbyXniya

If you are looking for a new up-and-coming Hayley Williams/Flyleaf/Picture me broken mash-up artist Madison Deaver may be for you with her latest release ‘Wicked’. This Los Angeles artist has brought past styles into the modern day, enhanced them, modernised them, repacked them, and released them back to us.

This track sets out with a simple piano backing with some deep almost sensual vocals before the backing begins to build and the vocals intensify. Following the all too well-known and nostalgia-inducing procedure of building up all 000’s emo kids will remember, this track will certainly take you back to your youth, before the explosion of sound kicks in.

As we hold on the track continues to grow in emotion as it does so do the vocals, as they become grainier and the lyrics become more intense. When this track finally drops in full pelt, we can all imagine being in the mosh pit jumping around, with beautifully heavy distorted guitar, low uncompromising bass, and gorgeous layered vocals the entire track transforms from its mellowed, anticipation-increasing self into an explosive, angst heavy piece that will leave you waiting for more! This latest release definitely displays the talent Madison has to offer.


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