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MAJOR KAMI - A Better Future (Cover) - SINGLE REVIEW


A Better Future (Cover)

Bordeaux, France

Image: Muntaka Chasant/REX/Shutterstock Majic Stick and ahu and moaïs: Opo

Major Kami return to TJPL NEWS with their latest David Bowie cover of 'A Better Future'. Through their version, we hear the deviation away from the original rock composition and into an easy-listening electro-pop piece.

Before I delve into the specifics of Major Kami's interpretation, I think that it's important to highlight the concept of the artwork for 'A Better Future'. The origins of this cartoon meet reality artwork were taken on the beaches of Ghana and contain disposed clothing from the West. The meaning? The West has absolutely no idea of what to do with the surplus. Major Kami claims that we deplore this catastrophe which is why Majic Stick (the man from Major Kami, directed by Opo), is seen to be looking off into the distance to see what future all this holds through the artwork. I love the conceptual intricacy that this brings!

A ghostly opening leads listeners through the concept of the artwork in one perfect transition. I absolutely love the hauntingly ghostlike vocals and how the contrasts between the past and future have been embedded within the piece. There's a clear distinction between the two.

The past is portrayed as though it is dead, the left behind and the gone whereas the robotic vocals along with a futuristic synth production showcase our perception of the past - futurism = AI. This is a well-thought-out piece, extremely original indeed! - TAMARA JENNA

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