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Marc Burford's Triumphant Return with "Sweetest Summer"

A Journey Back to Music - "Sweetest Summer" - A Melancholic Masterpiece

Some songs grab your soul, shake it up and give it a kiss - this is one of those such songs. Loveable, warm and wholesome. With clean and hearty acoustic guitar strums, the sound of friction with the strums adds an extra layer of percussion to the piece. The layered plucks and marching of the drums. It has a gorgeous voice, a clean vocal performance and a perfectly balanced arrangement.

After a three-year hiatus caused by a hearing issue, Marc Burford now makes a stunningly heartfelt return with his latest single, "Sweetest Summer". Despite the song's title, listeners can expect something to heat the soul like a swirl of hot chocolate on a Winter's night. It's clean, dreamy and all together a good treat.

Marking the first glimpse of Marc's upcoming album "Hope and Heart," "Sweetest Summer" offers a melancholy, reflective vibe packed with the oomph of a guitar's sway and paired up with Marc's soulful vocals creating a stunning backdrop to your evening thoughts.

Now, Marc is known for his work in folk and indie rock, and has collaborated with notable artists as well as having featured in popular media such as Brooklyn 99 and on platforms such as Sky News. His music doesn't stop there - he has also graced prestigious venues such as the Tate Modern and Tate Britain to name a few. With a career enriched by over 10 million streams and acclaim from industry giants, it's clear that Marc's journey is one of continuous evolution and creativity.

There's more! His versatility stretches beyond the realms of songwriting through his collaboration on the audiobook "The House of Slamming Doors" and his contribution to the soundtrack of the upcoming film "Backmask" showcasing his diverse artistic abilities. His love for live performances, evidenced by his tours with Echotape, adds to his dynamic musical profile.

This is an artist who truly has a lot to offer!

Genres: Folk, Indie Rock

Moods: Melancholic, Reflective, Soulful

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